Good to Meet You

Life is an awfully big adventure …

It's not the done thing but while the interweb bots are causing me problems here's a fairly average holding page. :)

A Few Random Facts about me!

I am addicted to Star bucks Iced Caramel Macchiatos - I have flown a two seater plane across Jamaica - I love food and confess to owning far too many cook books - I am rather fond of shoes and handbags - I love to travel with my girls and create our own adventures - I love the ocean - I detest having my picture taken ( although since the selfie I am learning….slowly) - I love to create, give me a sewing machine, a glue gun or a paint brush and I’m happy - I love fresh flowers in the house - I have a soft spot for small fluffy creatures- I miss the days of locking myself away in the darkroom and the reveal of a roll of film. 

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