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The Last Negative – London & Surrey Family Photographer

This post brings flashback Friday and the last black & white challenge together.

This image has a huge meaning for me, not only is it a shot of my eldest baby at around 6 months, it was the last film negative I developed and processed 21 years ago!

At this point in my life I had just become a new mum , moved house and was focused purely on bring up my baby and working. Photography, or photography as I loved it had to be put to one side.

Before my darkroom was packed away forever I had that one last roll of film to develop, in the process the negatives were dropped (I can be a real klutz ) and the watermarks remained. As imperfect and flawed as it was, this was an image that was going to make it to print and remains hung on the wall, it is a reminder of the strength I found to overcome a difficult journey with photography, raise two amazing daughters, my love of film and a simple moment in time that could have easily been forgotten.




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