The Privacy Issue & Private Clients

Alexandra Joseph Photography

I am being asked more and more to provide a private and confidential service, this is not something new but becoming more frequent.

I know that in this day an age protecting your family and especially your little one’s from the gaze of the internet is paramount in most parents minds, and I think that can also create some reluctance in booking a family or baby photography session. There are a lot of “what if’s” that we all worry about as parents and where your images end up is one of them.

For the majority of my clients this hasn’t been an issue, and I have certain rules to cover this myself.

If there are any more sensitive images I will always ask before I even take the shot ( breast feeding etc)

Will always check if it’s ok to post and also send the particular images I’d like to use, (slightly more skin showing in a maternity shoot for example).

With general family images I never include client names, that includes the little ones.

I never sell images to third parties

I am selective about the images I do post on my website/Facebook Page/ Instagram

Whilst I love to share you images on my website, blog and social media, after all that’s how you see my style and body of work, your privacy is important to me.

My standard contract asks that I can use your images for such things as my website and marketing as standard HOWEVER, I have a huge number of clients both past and present that for various reasons would prefer that I didn’t share their images and that is absolutely  fine.

For select client’s if required a non- disclosure agreement can also be arrange by yourselves.

So let me reassure you, if you would prefer I keep you images under wraps, just request at the time of booking so I can amend your contract safe in the knowledge that only you and I will be viewing your images and you have peace of mind.

Have questions? Drop me a line.