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Good to Meet You

Life is an awfully big adventure …

A little more about me. 

After changing career paths from sales & marketing many years ago now, I had the opportunity to go back to my first love of photography. It’s something I hold dear to my heart and whether it’s family photography, commercial or business branding it’s something I put my all into on every shoot. 

Building relationships with my clients is just as important as the images, I fully understand and appreciate the intimate nature of family photography as well as the privacy and trust that goes along with that. I touch more on privacy issues and confidentiality Valium Cheapest Price

So here are a few facts and little snippets of my history working as a family portrait photographer. 

I am an award winning lifestyle portrait photographer, specialising in maternity, newborn, child & family photography throughout London & the South East. All my sessions are shot on location or in client’s homes using available light where possible.

My work has been published internationally,  featured on blogs, magazine covers,  alongside working for various publications including Baby London. I am also a proud  member of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers & The Guild of Photographers.

I’m a mum of two beautiful girls who have been my inspiration over the years, allowing me to combine the things I am most passionate about,  children, family & photography.  Since starting my business in 2007 I have worked with hundreds of families, capturing the essence of life and the fun, innocence and fascination you see in your children every day.  

A Few Random Facts about me!

I am addicted to Star bucks Iced Caramel Macchiatos - I have flown a two seater plane across Jamaica - I love food and confess to owning far too many cook books - I am rather fond of shoes and handbags - I love to travel - I love the ocean ( but you can't beat London in the summertime) - I detest having my picture taken (although since the selfie I am learning….slowly) - I love to create, give me a sewing machine, a glue gun or a paint brush and I’m happy - I love fresh flowers & scented candles in the house - I have a soft spot for small fluffy creatures- I miss the days of locking myself away in the darkroom and the reveal of a roll of film. 

Our Latest