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  I often get asked what a mini session is so I thought I’d explain a little about what you can expect. Also check out the images for a few examples.   Firstly these mini sessions are great if you are new to custom lifestyle photography and can work as a little taster. Fantastic for…

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I’m often asked if my clients can come to my studio !  I don’t use one for the very reason that I love being able to document families in their own environment doing what families do best, so even when you see those plain and simple background images, no I don’t bring pop up back…

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With all that encompasses the preparation for your firstborn, sometimes those maternity images you had longed for in the beginning get pushed aside of left until the 11th hour, and with only a very short window to capture those treasured images and this beautiful mama to be (literally any day now) and her lovely husband…

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With so many new parents  not having the local support systems of their own mums it’s become common practice for new parents to enlist the help of  doula’s, sleep consultants and maternity nurses within the first few weeks or months of little one’s arrival. I myself have worked with many clients who have hired amazing…

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Choosing what to wear for your photoshoot can be hard enough let alone when you are 34 weeks pregnant and want to document your precious bump, so I’ve put together my tips of what to wear based on years of pregnancy shoots. Barely there. From baring it all to just the suggestion, the pregnant female…

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