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The weather may have turned & the typical grey skies have returned , but that doesn’t mean we can’t create fabulous images at home for you.  Check out this beautiful family where little miss E had only recently learn’t to sit all by herself. Whilst initially a little sceptical of me she warmed quickly and…

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It’s been a few weeks since I shot this beautiful family over the bank holiday weekend. Perfect morning light and two little blondes what more could you ask for. This is just a really quick sneak peak and some of my personal favourites  for mum & dad. xoxo

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  • Purchasing ValiumOctober 28, 2013 - 11:14 am

    Love how you capture all the children in their natural states, whether they’re being playful, shy, or just that not sure look. You of all people are the perfect person to photograph children, with all your experience with your own. Best wishes to you on your business!

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Buy Valium Overseas

I got to meet this lovely family for our location session in St Albans on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning a few weeks ago. This little guy was Christened recently, so for this session mum and dad wanted to capture a few more formal shots including the amazing heirloom christening gown & little H’s super…

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It’s on days like to day amidst the perfect father’s day gifts, the handmade cards & the sunday lunches, that for me a single image (or lack of them) speaks a thousand words & brings back a million memories. I know I tend to harp on (sometimes) about the importance of photography, but there is…

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