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Another little one from our model sessions, gorgeous 7 month old baby A, who was just delightful. Keeping things simple and offering up a little Christmas cheer. There will be more from this session and if you are interested in a studio session please get in touch as we have a very special introductory offer…

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Valium Online Usa

Buy Indian Valium Online

This stunning little vintage coat and hat are from Dinky Vintage in Brighton, perfect for our Christmas themed studio session with this beautiful little model. Expect to see a bit more of this coat as I just can’t resist the vintage feel it gives. I would also like to advise you all of the following:…

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  • Vicki BennettDecember 4, 2012 - 9:08 pm

    Thanks so much. Our session with you was great! I didn’t realise how long we were with you and I’m amazed the children were so well behaved for so long – a testament to how wonderful you were with them.
    The studio is a lovely space and I can’t wait to see the different kinds of ‘looks’ you’ll be able to capture there. Just these few of Izzy and the shots of your daughter are already showing how versatile it will be.
    You (and your family) were so welcoming and made us feel so comfortable I don’t think you’ll have any issues with people not responding to you as they would were you shooting in their homes.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you (and your studio!) In fact, I already have, and we are definitely hoping to return for a family ssession with you when the children are a little older.
    Thanks again for everything.
    Vicki, very proud mummy!

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Can You Buy Valium In Koh Samui

Finally after a lot of hard work the new studio is open. I have been busy behind the scenes shooting a few little models to give you an idea of my style when it comes to studio work, so expect to see a  number of blog posts today an over the next few days. We…

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