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The summer is finally here, and that means longer days, warmer evenings and the chance to get outside for your family shoot.

Not that the weather should be a decider, but this is the UK and it’s easier to much nice to spend time outdoors when it’s not threatening rain!

So why is it that so many of my clients decide to stay indoors and at home?

I have been pondering this for a while. And come to the conclusion that finding that location for their family photo session is the issue.

It’s all very well suggesting the local park with swings and slides, but once the kids see a playground, the shoot is done.  And you don’t hire a professional photographer to take images you can easily capture with your iPhone.

In an ideal world, it would be great to check out the location prior to a shoot. To know where the light falls at a certain time of day. To check out possible backdrops. But that’snot always the case.

As a photographer, you learn to see the world slightly differently. A location your client may have passed over could be just the spot.

With the vast majority of my clientele is based in and around London, I have plenty of experience in finding the hidden gems.

My tips
  • The local park – look for the less obvious spots, slightly off the beaten track.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your client to wade into the long grass, they will thank you for it when they see the images.
  • Discuss clothing options that work with the location and the time of year.
  • If you spot something whilst out and about, snap it with your phone so you start to build up a library of locations to use.
  • An innocuous door way or interesting wall can become a brilliant backdrop.
  • Work with the light.
  • Early sunrises and late sunsets in the UK  mean it’s not always possible to work the golden hour.
  • Learn to work with dappled light and the shade is your friend.
  • Avoid the sun when it’s at it’s highest.
  • If you’re working at the beach, be prepared to get wet 😉
  • And lastly, have fun with it.

Whilst I’m not going to give away my location secrets, all of the images in this post apart from the beach images have been shot either in central London or Surrey.

To my clients.

This summer let’s leave the house for your session. I can suggest many a spot to create stunning images.

Let’s talk.

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