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You’re in the midst of a home make-over, you’ve just moved, you’re renting or you simply just don’t want a home family shoot. There are many many reasons why my clients pick a location shoot ( or a mix of the two) over a family home shoot, but that in itself can sometimes be a little daunting, especially if you’re trying to ordinate the smalls, other family members or just not quite sure where to go.

That’s where your photographer comes in. The should be able to work in the majority of settings and see the creative potential in the most unlikely spots. After all, you are hiring them because of their creative flair rather than their historical knowledge of landmarks.


Alexandra Joseph Photography

Just a few of the many locations I’ve had the pleasure to work in, Westminster, Holland Park, Camden, The Sky Garden, North London, Richmond Kensington & Hackney

For this particular post, I am talking about London as it’s where I spend the majority of my time working and where I am most requested to shoot on location.

Whilst I am actually a Londoner (born, but Surrey bred) and know it fairly well, I don’t know every pocket of this wonderful city so I personally, take my lead from my client’s. After all the shoot is about them and working with their favourite spots.


With so many iconic landmarks my clients and I are always spoilt for choice, from a client on a whirlwind visit to those that are making a life and living here, each and every one will have certain areas they would like to incorporate.

It can be as simple as the shared private garden or a full on walking location shoot encompassing as many landmarks and hidden gems as we can fit in within the session time.


For the walking shoot, I usually ask my clients to think about a location starting /meeting point, and as we walk between locations I’ll find a fabulous ready make backdrop that will appear from nowhere, and it’s not always the obvious ones that catch my eye, but sometimes the unexpected can make for an amazing creative shot.


If my clients have specific requests such as bar’s, cafe’s, or locations that require an entrance fee or pre-booking, either myself or my client will enquire before, some venues have strict rules about photography, but for the most part if you are happy to purchase a coffee it’s not usually a problem.

“But surely I can do that with a selfie stick?” – of course, you can, ( i’m personally rubbish at the selfie), but wouldn’t it be fabulous to actually enjoy the moment, knowing that someone else has taken charge and will create some truly precious memories for you.


I’d love to hear about your favourite spots in London, leave a comment below.


There is still time before Christmas to get your location shoot in, and what could be more magical than a Christmas themed shoot in London.

Get in touch to enquire or book now.


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