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The “What If’s” of a mini session – London Baby & Family Photography

Many new clients really don’t know what to expect from a mini session, the images below will give you a small idea of what can be achieved in a short space of time. For those of you that might be thinking about booking a shorter session for the first time and let’s be honest, the attention span for the under 6’s is usually fairly short, these are perfect, but then the what if’s creep in. I get it, I really do, I hope this post will alleviate some of your what if reservations.

Alexandra Joseph Photography
Alexandra Joseph Photography

What if? :
Little Freddy or Rosie decides they don’t want to play ball?
Wear trousers that morning?
Decides they don’t want to let go of whatever toy they have suddenly become surgically attached too?
Takes 3 hours to eat breakfast and makes everyone run late?
Spills juice down the new dress you purchased especially for the shoot?
My little one is shy?
Spends 30 minutes clinging to my leg?
Is not impressed with the arrival of the new sibling?
The photographer turns up and we’re not ready?
Doesn’t appear get any good shots?
Freddy throws a tantrum?
We have to bribe Rosie?

Alexandra Joseph PhotographyAlexandra Joseph PhotographyAlexandra Joseph PhotographyAlexandra Joseph Photography

As parent’s (and a parent myself) you’ll know the list of “what if’s “is endless, babies and kids are a law unto themselves no matter how hard we try as parents.
When you hire me or any other professional lifestyle photographer, you need to know that we have seen it all before, and those of us that have raised the devil little angels, understand that kids will be kids, and that’s just fine.

Alexandra Joseph PhotographyAlexandra Joseph PhotographyAlexandra Joseph Photography

In my 12 years as a professional photographer (and 25 years of rising my own kids) let me tell you I have pretty much seen it all. Firstly, this is supposed to be fun, you and your kids have your own style and personalities and that should very much shine through in the images.

Alexandra Joseph PhotographyAlexandra Joseph PhotographyAlexandra Joseph PhotographyIf you have a playful, rough and tumble kind of kid, he or she are not going to magically sit still and pose, they will play, but with a little subtle guidance I can direct them to where I want them to be and get the shots.

Alexandra Joseph PhotographyAlexandra Joseph PhotographyAlexandra Joseph Photography

If your baby girl is shy and thoughtful, she’s not going to magically start grinning at the camera because I’ve arrived, rather than send her further into her shell, I’ll take time and talk to her and give her some space and let her come to me and she’ll direct the pace of the session.

Alexandra Joseph PhotographyAlexandra Joseph Photography
Have a cuddly one? I love it, the mother /son, father/daughter ( and vice versa ) are the ones we all treasure.

Alexandra Joseph PhotographyAlexandra Joseph PhotographyAlexandra Joseph PhotographyA lot can be achieved in a 30-40 minute session, I’ve learnt to work fairly fast over the years, that doesn’t mean fewer images or less creativity with you and your family, it does mean that your little ones get caught up in the moment and enjoy the session and we have their attention to create those precious moments.

Alexandra Joseph PhotographyAlexandra Joseph Photography

Want the simpler studio look, there’s not a studio backdrop in site! If you have a simple plain wall (a picture may need to be removed for 5 minutes) then you have a backdrop, those extra bits caught in the frame on the camera ( picture hooks, bits of furniture, wall speakers, plug sockets, etc ) are removed in photoshop, so you get the best of both worlds without leaving your home.

Alexandra Joseph Photography

What if my home is tiny? a basement apartment? not a show home? I have worked in everything from glass, light-filled homes to the basement flats and everything in between. I work with what’s available and please trust me when I say there are always more than spaces that will work perfectly, you’ve hired me for my creative eye so let me worry about that aspect of the shoot.

Alexandra Joseph PhotographyAlexandra Joseph Photography
Location session’s, what if it rains? well this is the UK so there is probably a risk of rain, grey sky and it might be a bit on the chilly side, BUT, we have the most amazing locations on our doorstep, whilst some of these are not viable for mini sessions, if you’d like to step outside to a local park ( London clients especially) that’s all good, as long as it’s not bucketing it down we can still do the session, in fact your little one might like putting on their wellies and jumping in puddles. There is always a way to create beautiful images from any session.

Alexandra Joseph Photography

So what’s stopping you? I have packages to suit every budget and occasionally run mini session offers.

Still got a case of the “what if’s”? drop me a line.

Ready to book, contact me now.

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